About Us

Mission Statement: Increase the cooperation between Luxembourg and Asia. Introduce Chinese Partners to the Luxembourgish market and thereby on the European market. Helping Luxembourgish companies to sell high-quality goods on the Asian market (China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, etc).


EAS Group has its roots in Euro-Asie SARL International Travel Agency. Euro-Asie started from humble beginnings and quickly developed itself as the specialist for Luxembourgish travelers wanting to experience China. As of now Euro-Asie International Travel Agency has become one of the most well-known and trusted resources for Travelers looking to experience Asia.

EAS Group has developed in parallel to the flagship’s Travel Agency Business and has been expanding and growing its markets in connecting China and Europe.


EAS Group S.A. aims to connect Europe to China, specializing in the Luxembourg market. The group has several high-level contracts with the public and private sector. As the specialist for Chinese manufacturing conquering the European market, EAS Group is the exclusive representative in BENELUX for China’s biggest bus manufacturer Yutong (郑州宇通客车股份有限公司). Furthermore, EAS Group is bringing 3D Printers into Luxembourg’s Public Schools by partnering exclusively with Beijing XCHD Science and Technology Development Co. LTD (北京星驰恒动科技发展有限公司). EAS Group S.A. also brings Luxembourg quality products to China. Partnering with the famous Domaine Henry Ruppert, EAS Group S.A. is giving Chinese wine enthusiasts a chance to enjoy the highest quality white wine from the hills of Luxembourg. EAS Group has also been able to work with Luxembourgish luxury clothing brand retailers and negotiate exclusive deals with a high quality jewelry and watch maker from Luxembourg.

EAS Group has also organized many successful business visits of Chinese delegations to Luxembourg.

In addition, EAS Group is also heavily invested in cultural exchange. With our Sinolux a.s.b.l. we strive to promote the 5000-year-old Chinese culture in Luxembourg and try to foster a deeper understanding between the two cultures with fun, informative and interesting activities throughout the year. With our non-profit association we work towards bringing people together and bringing a bit of China to Luxembourg for our event guests to enjoy.

What we are looking for

To increase cooperation between Luxembourg, Europe and China EAS Group S.A. is always actively looking for partners who want to expand their operations into the European Market through Luxembourg and its competitive economic advantages. Because of our great connections to China and in Luxembourg we are able to assist with any kind of products and are able to lend our experience in all kinds of different markets to any potential Chinese partners.

We are also interested in bringing more high-quality Luxembourgish manufacturing and know-how to the Chinese market. We are on the lookout for more Chinese partners, who are interested in a cooperation e.g. regarding wine. In a further instance we would be interested in bringing handmade luxury goods, such as jewelry and watches to the Chinese market.

We are also looking for investors interested in the highly lucrative real estate market in Luxembourg and recently were able to negotiate several exclusive mandates for the Chinese market relating to high value properties in Luxembourg and Europe. With the recent growth in tourism to Luxembourg we are also looking for investors for hotels in and around Luxembourg.